Very Warm and Comfortable UGG Boots for Women

UGG is not a brand, but a type of boots, its original name is "ugly boots" (means "ugly shoes"). In the first World War, the Australian pilot wrapped two pieces of sheepskin into shoes on the feet to stay warm, then this round boots were gradually popular in Australia, the Australian nicknamed it UGG, that is snow boots. Later, a surfer named Brian Smith carried a pair of sheepskin boots to the United States, California, since then, UGG boots for women became an irreplaceable one in sheepskin boots. Seemingly simple-minded cartoon shape but is popular all over the world. Today, relatively popular in the domestic market is mainly US UGG Australia and Australian JUMBO UGG, Yellow Earth and other brands. Wind, rain, snow. For many people fear of cold in Chengdu, in the temperature plunged to minus degrees cold winter, the one that peopole can not give up most is a variety of things that look very warm, like a cup of steaming coffee, a large and beautiful scarf, a pair of bulky but very warm and comfortable UGG boots.